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Thornton, CO Real Estate

thornton_350Thornton, CO is a town that welcomes you with their impressive boulder like sign. They are the sixth most populous city throughout Colorado and seek to provide only the best in living for the community. The city is only ten miles northeast of the state’s capital – allowing for easy transit from and to. The beautiful area is home to many residents, around 118,000. With over 27 square miles, many Thornton homes for sale have been set up along the city in addition to bustling commercial areas. With everything from homes inside tucked away communities to shopping centers, independently owned businesses and city facilities.

Throughout the city, there are 81 city parks that make up over 2,000 acres of land. There is also a public bus route, three school districts and three shopping centers. All provide the resident with the comfort of small town living, but with the convenience that a city has to offer.

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Thornton Real Estate

Thornton Homes For Sale

The Thornton real estate market has a rich history. The majority started as farmland until around the 1950’s. The first community was built by Sam Hoffman when he purchased the first lot to build in. He was able to combine many different services for the community within one tax levy including trash pick up and recreational services to the residents within the community. During the same time, the Thornton Community Association was also built. This was to help guide the development that was happening throughout the city. There were over 5,000 residents, living in over 1,000 Thornton homes by 1955. Oyer G. Leary was named as the first mayor for the city.

A famous major league baseball player, Todd Helton, lived in Thornton for a while. This was the ideal place of residence for him, would it be good for you, as well?

Whether you’re looking for a large beautiful residence overlooking other homes, a quiet country like setting or an apartment in a busy community – Thornton real estate has it all. With communities built for seniors, aged 55 and over, as well as homes built for higher end families, you can find a home that suits your needs. Find a lot to start building your new home in, find a home for sale in a community that you love. With so many to choose from, you’re able to find a little something for everyone in your family.

Thornton Real Estate

Thornton, CO is a diverse community, with many different people that work and live seamlessly together. The city provides many places of interest, while also boasting some of the most beautiful communities and neighborhoods. Many people are proud to call this city their home. The city is environmentally conscious and considers the many ways that they are able to boost the environment around them. They have a strong commitment to their residents as well and try to provide the best community services for them.

Recreational facilities are also available for those residents looking for something to do. In addition, if you’re a golfer, the Todd Greek Golf Course is open, as well as a few others just minutes from most Thornton properties. There is a Community Center that provides activities and field trips to the children and other residents throughout the city. One of the shopping centers, Larkridge Mall, provides the resident and guests with many different restaurants, pedestrian village and big box retailers. There are many first anchor stores placed in this mall for the community such as Sears, PetSmart and Bed, Bath & Beyond. If you’re looking for something to do while in the area, check out the Larkridge Mall.

In addition to this, there are several public libraries set up to service the residents of each area, within each community in Thornton. Charter schools are available for those interested in a higher level of education, instead of the public schools that are provided to certain areas around Thornton.

Set up a meeting to see a home of your dreams or check out the neighborhoods, schools and amenities surrounding them. Live in a villa that provides a vacation-like feeling, that wraps you in luxury but that you’re able to call home. Learn more about Thornton, Colorado and enjoy the luxuries of living in this beautiful city with plenty to do – in the home of your dreams!