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Morrison, CO Real Estate

morrison_350The Town of Morrison, CO is known as a historic town. It has strong roots from the past that people love about the rustic town. The small population is only around 430 residents, which is ideal for those that want small town living within a beautiful community. It is also known as the town that is home to the Red Rocks Amphitheater. The downtown area within the town is home to many small businesses. It holds everything from shopping stores and cafes to restaurants that provide a nice, home cooked meal feeling.

Morrison homes exude a small town feel. If you enjoy living in a tight-knit community, with smaller businesses but only a little ways away from the shopping centers of a big city – Morrison is where you’ll want to be. They provide an affordable way of living, as well. There are homes, lots and apartment buildings that are set up for resident occupancy.

See all Morrison homes for sale below or learn more about Morrison real estate, and the neighborhoods that make this such a great place to live in Colorado.


Morrison Real Estate

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History of Morrison Real Estate

The history of Morrison, CO is a deep one starting in the 1800’s. The settlement was named after George Morrison in the 1800’s. He was a businessesman and builder that left a strong mark on the town and has been an icon to them ever since. Gov. John Evans was known for bringing the Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroads to Morrison in 1874. George Morrison was known for his masonry work during the time and he brought lime and gypsum to the area which gave it a history that is known for their high quality dimension stone. Two of the three buildings that were built by him, using the stone found in the area, are still standing. They are known as historic sites that residents and visitors are able to visit. The original Evergreen Hotel that was built by Morrison was standing until 1982, when it was demolished. The building was later used as a hotel and then a casino where John Brisben Walker entertained many of his guests. A schoolhouse named after George Morrison was used from 1875 to 1955, but is currently used as a primary residence. Guest lodging is able to be found in the original George Morrison home, The Cliff House.

As some of the oldest Morrison real estate, these monuments were left due to their distinctive style of construction and the beauty of the history that they hold. Building stone from the area is currently still being shipped to other parts of Colorado to complete building projects for the state. Some of the stone is also able to be shipped to other parts of the country, depending on the type of materials being requested.

Mount Morrison (named after George Morrison) is also an area where important geologic discoveries were found. During the later 1800’s, the first discoveries of 150-million year old dinosaurs were found under the sediment of the mountains. Their holotypic remains were found by the Arthur Lakes and were mostly all intact. They made way to a break through on the past and dinosaurs that had once walked the earth. The fossils are on display at the Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History in New Haven, Connecticut, as well as the Morrison Natural History Museum.

Morrison Homes For Sale

Finding a Morrison home in a community that you love can be quite simple if you do a little research. Morrison is a beautiful, quaint town where many people know each other and living is easy. If you want an area for your child to play, playgrounds are set up around town and in the few schools that are available for the residents. Corner stores are available for small shopping trips, while larger shopping trips can be completed at some of the neighboring cities such as Denver. The highway runs through the town, so you’re able to get on and go.

If you’re looking for luxuries and the ability to live freely in a town that is full of life and history, check out Morrison, CO real estate. The town has much to offer it’s residents, as well as guests that are just traveling through. Have a home built for your family, in a lot of your choice or choose from one of the existing homes in the area. Choose a community that is right for you.