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Larkspur, CO Real Estate

larkspur_350Larkspur, CO is a small town with a population of only around 400 residents. The beautiful area is home to some of the best festivals, that people from all over the state and country come to visit. One of the most noted festivals is the Colorado Renaissance Festival. This is ongoing during the weekends throughout June and July, in the hills just west of the town. With just a small school district, there is an elementary, intermediate and high school within it.

In order to get to Larkspur, you can take Interstate I-25, getting off exit 172 if you’re northbound or exit 173 if you’re southbound. The town is located between Castle Rock and the Tri-Lakes area of Colorado. You’re able to visit the Denver Tech Center and business park that is in the area. Larkspur homes for sale are only 40 minutes to Denver, Air Force Academy and Colorado Springs. They are closer to Highlands Ranch, Litttletona and Lone Tree. The town is small, but provide a decent amount of space, living conditions and work for those residents that live in the area.


Larkspur Real Estate

Larkspur Homes For Sale

If you’re considering a chance of scenery or you’d like to build a Larkspur home for sale from the ground up, this may be the place to go. Not only is there enough land, but you’re able to find beautiful scenery right in your backyard. If you’d like a country home, within the woods and quiet – The Larkspur real estate market has many options available for you to use. The beauty that this small town has to provide you with is exciting and you’re able to see how wonderful it is to live in a smaller community where everyone is able to work together. Visit the festival over the hills, enjoy the sunrise and sunset off your porch and listen to the crickets at night. Larkspur is able to be your new home!

Larkspur, CO also provides the community with events and activities for people of all ages. Their Community Facilities are able to bring the community together for these events. They like to direct their efforts to future growth within the area, while also preserving the environmental factors that surround the town. They encourage the community to work together to provide the closeness and support that the town needs to thrive – even if they are small.

Amenities Near Larkspur Homes

With many parks and trails that families, residents and visitors are able to make use of during their time in Larkspur, CO. The living is more country, than city which allows more room for trees and natural wildlife to roam. The Community Park Enhancement Project is ongoing in efforts to preserve the parks throughout the town and make them better than they have ever been. This provides the residents with a beautiful area to visit, picnic and enjoy the natural wildlife that surrounds them.

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park is a camping site that is specifically centered around Yogi Bear. Now you’re able to camp in a beautiful area with dense woods, but have all of the amenities that you need. Many residents that live next to this area enjoy having a summer camp to visit, while others from cities neighboring the town also visit. The beautiful park is nestled on many acres of land that you’re able to tent or RV camp on. Reservations are necessary.

Small businesses in the area provide everything that the resident needs during their visit. They have many shops that are open, but also offices that can help with medical, dental and other health needs. If you’re a resident, or considering moving to this area – the business complexes are able to provide you with everything that you need and they are only a short drive away from Larkspur homes in the area.

Dining out is simple in the town of Larkspur, CO. You’re able to choose from many fine dining establishments, cafes and diners that provide delicious, fresh cooked meals. Having a night on the town is simple, then you’re able to visit the corner bar for drinks. Small town living is at it’s finest throughout Larkspur and all that they have to offer. Many of the businesses, bars, restaurants and other facilities are owned and operated by the residents right in the same town.