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Hilltop Real Estate

capture_300Hilltop Properties

Owning Hilltop properties is to be a part of one of the most sought after and revered neighborhoods in Denver; when you move to Hilltop you’ll know you’ve really made it. Located in southeast Denver between South Colorado Boulevard and South Monaco Parkway, the neighborhood is certainly on the upper end.

Hilltop homes are bordered by Cherry Creek to the west, Washington Virginia Vale to the south, Lowry to the east and Hale & Montclair to the north.

Hilltop does offer a wonderful variety of home styles to suit every taste: single-level ranch-style homes along the periphery and older 19th century character homes closer to its center. The homes are excellent but it’s really the beautiful green spaces and quality of the schools in this neighborhood that make it so remarkable.

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Hilltop Real Estate

Beautiful Hilltop Homes In Denver!

Cranmer Park is definitely the central point for Hilltop homes and the neighborhood that surrounds them. The park is a gorgeous green space that features soccer fields ringed in towering trees; at the center of all this is Sundial Plaza, with the unique Chinese inspired sundial at its center. Hilltop has several other parks as well including Robinson, Crestmoor and Burns Parks that all serve to create a rich and enjoyable atmosphere for the all residents.

Hilltop Real Estate: Worth Every Penny

The variety of high value Hilltop real estate available in this gorgeous and sought after neighborhood is simply astounding. The median home price in this neighborhood is north of $500K, but it is easy to see why. The community first came to prominence in the 1940s and 1950s and this fact is entirely evident when looking at many of the homes that are available; the ranch style and split level homes are very reminiscent of that time. Not to be stuck in a mold, however, the neighborhood also features the red brick colonial style homes of the 19th century intermingled with large, brand-new constructions that have been in filled onto medium-sized lots.

The school district is another reason that this community has such an appeal. Carson Elementary School limits registration solely to those that live in the neighborhood and prospective applicants must go through an application process as enrollment is so coveted. Also, overlooking Cranmer Park is the private Graland Country Day School, much sought after throughout the entire city of Denver.