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City Park Homes

city-park_300The trendy and hip neighborhood of Denver’s City Park is taken up almost exclusively by the expansive and stunning park of the same name. City Park is the massive green space that is certainly a focal point and crown jewel of the entire city of Denver. Set amongst a concrete jungle that makes up the majority of the city, City Park is literally a breath of fresh air, as the well-designed green space exists as an urban oasis with gorgeous views of Ferril and Duck Lakes as well as the gorgeous mountain ranges that surround the city of Denver.

City Park’s trendy selection of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and boutique stores have made it a popular destination for residents. It has a thriving live music scene on Colfax Avenue and institutions such as the Bluebird theatre and free live concerts in the park that serve to preserve this aesthetic. City Park is certainly one of the coolest places you can choose to live with a number of different housing options available, to appeal to any taste.


City Park Real Estate

Trendy City Park Townhomes

The available City Park homes are certainly on the high end. Detached homes in this much sought-after and exclusive neighborhood often peak at over $1 million. The expansive and exquisite views afforded by the nearby park make it a unique and very desirable place to live. The homes feature many old-world comforts that befit the location, near the Victorian-style park. Red brick exteriors and classically styled interiors are the norm and match the old-world, historical turn of the century feel of much of the neighborhood. City Park lofts and townhouses serve as a viable alternative to the multi-million dollar homes. The area features many duplexes and exquisitely crafted condos where you can live comfortably without spending millions and still enjoy views of the park.

The Majestic City Park: Townhomes and Lofts

At 330 acres, the magnificent City Park is easily Denver’s largest park and is a central facet of the city’s identity. The park also takes up the vast majority of this community’s real estate and serves as its central draw. Institutions such as the Denver Zoo and Denver Museum of Nature & Science are contained in the park and draw thousands of visitors to the area each year, from the city’s residents and visitors as well. The breathtaking Ferril and Duck Lakes are often crowded with paddle boats shaped as ducks and swans but still stand as the outstanding central feature and amazing pull of the already gorgeous neighborhood.