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Evergreen Real Estate

Evergreen, CO Real Estate

Evergreen, CO is a town made up of 10,000 residents that is just 20 minutes west of Denver. This town is able to provide the resident with a little bit of everything. They have a small downtown area that is specifically designed to meet the residents shopping expectations and more. You’re able to live in a country-like setting or choose to live right in the small downtown area within a home or apartment of your choice. The price of living in this area is relatively affordable which makes it an ideal place for many to live.

Residents can commute to work easily from Evergreen properties if your career is in one of the larger cities or find a job right in town. The smaller sized town has just about everything anyone could need. Ideal for the business professional looking for a quiet place, a single searching for a place to meet friendly folks or a family searching for a place to raise their children.

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Evergreen Real Estate

History of Evergreen, CO Real Estate

Evergreen, CO real estate was founded in 1859 when Thomas Bergen set up a ranch and stage stop. Many settlers followed his lead after some time and set up homes alongside his. Many of these homes were set up around Bear Creek Canyon during the time. Another homesteader that came with Bergen declared the area – Everygreen. His name was Dwight P. Wilmot and his home and some of his items have been preserved and are put on display to this day. Not only that, but the Elementary school in the area has been named after him.

In the 1880s, the area had grown into a lumber distributing town. They had around 200 residents and six sawmills that were operating. In 1917, the town saw even more growth when electricity was brought through the streets and into Evergreen homes and businesses. The Brook Forest Inn and Greystone Guest Ranch were both opened during this time to accommodate celebrities and other people of worth such as President Franklin D. Roosevelt. During the 1950’s, the town was known as the commuter community due to the automobiles driving in and out and through the town.

Amenities Near Evergreen

Many of the original buildings are still standing throughout Evergreen. You’re able to go in and take a look at them while learning a bit more about their history. The Little Bear is a restaurant and entertainment spot that many tourists flock too. They provide some of the best cooked food, while also serving some great entertainment while you visit. This is a must visit area for many. Echo Mountain Park is available for those that want to ski and snowboard in the region during the winter. The winter months tend to be humid, which allows the residents and visitors to wear short sleeve shirts. While driving down the road, you’re able to see elk grazing in fields and off to the side. At times, mountain lions are seen but very rarely do they come out into the populous areas. The wildlife is a beauty on its own of the area.

There is an abundance of parks near Evergreen homes. Cub Creek Park, Alderfer-Three Sisters Park, Bell Park and Dedisse Park. Many of these parks have extensive hiking and biking trails throughout. Not only that, but they allow a place for many families to come and spend time together. Evergreen has a country club for the town that puts together many events and many people are able to enjoy activities within. This is their only country club throughout the town. There is also a Lake House that provides rentals and other items for those looking to do some adventurous outdoor activities.