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Franktown, CO Real Estate

franktown_350Franktown, CO is a small town that is only made up of around 400 people or so. If you like small town, country living then Franktown is the town for you. Not only is the wildlife abundant, but the area is beautiful and majestic. Listen to the crickets in the back of your home as you sleep, build a fire pit and invite friends over for a get together, have a cook out and enjoy all that pleasant, quiet living has to offer you and your family when you’re a resident of Franktown.

While looking for the perfect town to call home, Franktown is one of those smaller towns that might not pop up on many people’s list. However, if you enjoy the outdoors, would love a home to call your own with a decent amount of land, want the benefits of small town living and love being able to know your neighbors – Franktown real estate is for you! Looking for Condos and Townhouses in Franktown? Click Here.

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Franktown Real Estate

There are existing Franktown homes for sale available to make use of, or choose a plot of land to build your dream home from scratch. If you’re working outside of the area, in one of the larger cities, Franktown can be a quiet, slow community that you’re able to conveniently come home too. If you’re a renter, there are minimal, if any rental sites within the community. Purchasing Franktown property is what the town is about, so if you’re looking for a dream home, find one to make your own.

Amenities Near Franktown, CO

If you enjoy nature, the rock climbing experiences, nature trails and bird watching routes are available for you to use within minutes of Franktown homes for sale. Motorcyclists enjoy riding through the flat lands that the town has to offer, so you’re able to see many come through on their adventures.

Be able to see the Rocky Mountains and right next to the Castlewood Canyon National Park which provides a scenic area to enjoy during the day with the whole family. Just outside of the town, the history of the town is preserved in a museum. If you’d like to learn more about the area, you’re able to visit and get a deep sense of where the smaller towns throughout the area came from and how they have grown throughout the years, including the Molly Brown House.

The schools are smaller, but closer knit. Your child is able to get individualized attention in each of their classes. The small town also is home to some smaller shopping sites, cafes and diners that the residents are able to go out and enjoy.